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Your Centurion Systems Product comes with an unconditional warranty which covers any and all problems including labor and replacement parts (inbound freight excluded).


NOTE: Any repairs or service work performed by an unauthorized person or company will void the Warranty immediately.

An extended warranty package is available to cover any problems that may arise after the first or second year. This very affordable plan covers all parts and labor (inbound freight excluded). 

Your Centurion Dealer will keep you informed about the Centurion Warranty extension program which is honored at any of our Service Centers around the world.

It is Centurion Medical Corporation’s and its Dealers’ Policy to, whenever possible, provide service on Centurion systems within 48 hours of the receipt of the equipment.


Return shipments will be done by the best available normal shipping method. If a customer wishes to have a higher level of shipping service, they may arrange to have the equipment picked up by their own shipping service or pay the additional cost above normal shipping costs for overnight or the best service available. When sending in equipment for servicing, please allow for shipping time.


NOTE: Unless instructed otherwise, always return all of the parts of the system when sending equipment into the Service Depot. This allows Centurion the opportunity to check over the entire system to determine if there are additional problems that require service attention.




Follow the Operating Instructions first to try and determine the problem. If the problem remains unresolved, refer to the Troubleshooting section for further guidance to determine what the problem may be.

Phone your nearest Service Depot and provide the following information:

• Model/Type of equipment. (i.e.: “G Generator” and “Portable Coil”)
• Serial number of equipment.
• Complete description of problem.
• Name, address and contact number of the owner of the system.
• Shipping name, address and contact number if different than owners.

• Credit card number for payment.


Once authorization for repairs has been received, package the system in its original packing, if available, or package in accordance with good commercial practices. Shipment to the Service Depot will be done at the Owner or Renter’s expense.

Note: Centurion Systems and Elec Western are based in Mississauga Canada. The prices listed on this site are for products purchased or rented in Canada only. Please inquire for prices in other countries 

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